Maliza E.d.T. Asja Musk 3BX 36CANS

Maliza E.d.T. Asja Musk 3BX 36CANS

Brand: Mirato S.p.A
Product Code: 125101B3
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Price: $255.00

Malizia Les Aromes is a new line of unisex fragrance with a hidden and precious virtue. Four original fragrances create a mysterious and enchanting world built on the right balance between body and soul. Asja Musk; a delicate and persistent note combining the elegance of blossom and the sensuality of white musk. Arabian Myrra; a sensual fragrance with a warm woody note, which draws all the magic of an antique bouquet. Java Tea; Aromatic and sensual, fresh note of Java Tea. A fragrance of deep personality.

Thai Vanilla, a natural and unique fragrance, which embraces and captures your feeling and soul.

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