Malizia Edt Vapo Pesca Pop 3BX 36-BOTTLES

Malizia Edt Vapo Pesca Pop 3BX 36-BOTTLES

Brand: Mirato of Italy
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Bon Bons Malizia is a colourful, dynamic and distinctive line, ready to satisfy the "appetite" of the excentric teen-agers with freshness. EDT 50ml is available in 6 fragrances: Sweet Vanilla - Pesca Pop ? Sugar Baby - Milk Shake ? Oxygen Bubble ? Cotton Flower. However, the desire for sweetness is irresistible, so today Bon Bons also offers EDT body spray 75ml in four very fresh fragrances; Cyber Kiwi, Tropical Berry, Lemon Energy and Pink Grapefruit. 50mL

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