Conditions of Use


Terms and Conditions of Use

The Web site from which you accessed this agreement (“”) is provided to you subject to the following conditions. These terms are in

addition to any other terms governing access to the Web site. By visiting (in any manner) the Web site you accept these terms and conditions (the “Terms

of Service”). Please read them carefully. Zero Tolerance for Spam, Spammers


For spammers, here is some information just to be extra clear:


* We have a zero spam policy. That means we do not tolerate ANY spam or spammers.

* We share our blacklists, so in addition to being permanently banned from this site, spammers here risk being banned from literally hundreds of

thousands of Web sites and servers.

* We save all spam submissions to provide to appropriate law enforcement to help prosecute spammers.

* All spammers are banned from future visits to

* NO Web sites submitted by spammers will ever be listed at

* Web sites submitted by spammers are banned indefinitely, and all referral links from spam sites are blocked indefinitely.

* We report all spammers.

* We are not a link farm, and we will never link to link farm sites or other spam sites.

* We actively ban and block referral links indefinitely from all link farm sites and all spam sites.

We help prosecute spammers and illegal online activities.

Forbidden: Direct Linking to Images on This Server, aka “Hotlinking”


Anyone or any Web site found in my server logs attempting to directly link to images on my server will be BANNED INDEFINITELY from accessing this Web site.

(Yes, my server logs list individuals and websites who try, even though they fail!)


In addition, ALL materials at this Web site are copyrighted and owned by Anyone or any Web site found using ANY of the images, style

sheets (CSS), content, or ANY materials at this site can be reported to law enforcement for stealing. See the Copyright Information page for more details.

Forbidden: Site Rippers, Mass Downloaders, Offline Browsers


Visitors may not, under any circumstances, use site rippers, offline browsers, site downloaders, or automated software to access or download anything from It is forbidden to save entire pages to download the graphics, presets, or other materials from


Note: Anyone using these types of software will be banned indefinitely from and potentially from all sites owned or managed by


Special License Restrictions for Non-Human Visitors


Any Non-Human Visitors to the Web site shall be considered agents of the individual(s) who controls, authors or otherwise makes use of them. The access

rights granted to you under the Terms of Service are non-transferable without the express written permission of the owner of the Web site.


Special restrictions on a visitors license to access the Web site apply to Non-Human Visitors. Non-Human Visitors include, but are not limited to, Web

spiders, bots, indexers, robots, crawlers, harvesters, or any other computer programs designed to access, read, compile or gather content from the Web

site automatically.


Email addresses on this site are considered proprietary intellectual property. It is recognized that these email addresses are provided for human visitors

alone. You acknowledge and agree that each email address the Web site contains has a value not less than US $1000. You further agree that the compilation,

storage, and/or distribution of these addresses substantially diminishes the value of these addresses. Intentional collection, harvesting, gathering, and/or

storing this Web sites email addresses is recognized as a violation of this agreement and expressly prohibited. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


Each party agrees that any suit, action or proceeding brought by such party against the other in connection with or arising from the Terms of Service

(Judicial Action) shall be governed by the law of the state of residence of the registered Administrative Contact (the Admin State) for the Web site as

such laws are applied to agreements between Admin State residents entered into and performed entirely within the Admin State. You consent to the

jurisdiction of federal and state courts within the Admin State. You consent to the venue in any action brought against him in connection with breaches of

these Terms of Service. You consent to electronic service of process regarding actions under the above agreement.


Records of Visitor Use and Abuse


You consent to having your Internet Protocol address recorded. An email address may appear immediately below (the “Identifier”) if we suspect potential

abuse. The Identifier is uniquely matched to your Internet Protocol address. Visitors agree not to use this address for any reason.


Visitors agree that harvesting, gathering, storing, transferring to a third party or sending any message(s) to the identifier constitutes an acceptance and

subsequent breach of these terms of service.